The TV

The TV display came about after much debate. This wall in the showroom is such a focal point. For the longest time we only had a row of cabinets with a countertop and a TV mounted on the wall. It worked, served the purpose but it always seemed like there was more destined for this area of the showroom.

When we were selected to host the first SFA Workshop of 2023, we decided more had to be done on this wall. Would it be an amazing natural stone that we clad the wall with? Or a Cooktop display with beautiful cabinetry and a focal hood? We threw every idea at the wall which is how we came up with what is there now. A Man AND a Woman’s dream come true. The best of both worlds. A Man’s dream come true, a massive; a 70” TV that comes up out of the bar countertop. A Woman’s dream come true, a TV that you can put away when you have company and don’t want to stare at a TV all night long. Abracadabra, we made magic happen.

  • Countertops
    • Dekton Awake 12MM
    • 2.5” Drop Miter edging
    • Mitered upper bar with full height backsplash
  • Cabinets
    • Carriage House Cabinetry
    • Bradford Door Style
    • Designer White Cabinet Color
  • Hardware
    • The Allison Series by Amerock
    • Riva pull in Graphite

A Man AND a Woman’s dream come true. The best of both worlds.

We can’t go any further without mentioning the intricate detail on the side of this display, the custom dog bowl. For the dog who has everything, and we mean everything, this is it. We customized this cabinet to house a fully integrated dog bowl station. This dog bowl is out of the way, easy to clean, matches your kitchen design seamlessly. The under-cabinet lighting sets this off and makes it a focal point rather than an eye sore as a dog bowl typically is.


Being a focal point in the showroom, we wanted a stone that would command the attention this display deserves. We also wanted to show a variety of material options in the showroom which is how we landed on Dekton. Dekton is a man-made, carbon neutral, ultracompact stone. It is UV stable, therefore a great choice for any outdoor application.

Dekton comes in a variety of thicknesses including 4mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm. The application determines the thickness of stone needed for the project. On The TV display, we used 12mm stone. You will notice on the sides of the backsplash, the stone is plain white. This is because the technology Dekton uses prints the beautiful countertop design onto the surface of the stone. It does not penetrate the entire stone. This is why a drop mitered edge is necessary if you want the veining to flow through the edges.


The cabinets used for The TV are Carriage House Cabinetry. The door style is called Bradford which is a shaker dory style. The color is Designer White.

The dog bowl takes up the majority of an 18” base cabinet on this display. We were able to keep the drawer functional but the interior of the cabinet entirely houses the dog bowl.


The Graphite hardware is a subtle but strong element to the design of The TV display bringing contrast to the cabinets while drawing in the deep grey veining of the countertops.

These cabinet pulls are in The Allison line by Amerock. Shown here in 3″ (72 mm) Center-to-Center, finished in Graphite. Also available in:

  • Champagne Bronze
  • Golden Champagne
  • Matte Black
  • Polished Chrome
  • Polished Nickel
  • Satin Nickel

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