Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplash Options

There are many decisions to be made once you decide to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom countertops. One of those decisions is what style of backsplash to go with.

When you think about backsplash, you probably think of a traditional tile backsplash as seen in many kitchens. Don’t limit yourself though, with your new Granite, Quartz or Marble countertops, you have many options to choose from. Here are the three most common backsplash options, all of which can be seen in person in our Showroom.

Full-Height Backsplash

Small Single Kitchen Sink

4″ Stone Backsplash

No Stone Backsplash

Full Height Backsplash

The full-height granite backsplash will certainly add a wow factor to your kitchen. Since backsplash is vertical, as opposed to countertops being horizontal, your full height backsplash will display the characteristics of your stone best. The horizontal countertop is noticed but when you turn the stone vertical you can see all the movement and color variations it has to offer.

4″ Stone Backsplash

This is the most common option chosen when purchasing new natural stone countertops. The name gives it away, this option is simply a 4″ run of granite backsplash where your countertops meet the wall.

The 4″ backsplash is a popular option for bathroom vanities.

No Stone Backsplash

Some people prefer the look of tile and choose to go without a stone backsplash. They typically install their own tile backsplash after their new countertops are installed and the end result is just as beautiful.

Custom Backsplashes

Want to do something a little different? We can certainly help you out with that. We can customize your Granite Backsplash to your liking. Here are a few pictures of custom Bathroom Vanity Backsplashes we have done.

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