Tesoro Bianco Marble Kitchen

Every year the Natural Stone Institute selects one stone to be the “Stone of the Year”. 2020’s Stone of the Year is Tesoro Bianco Marble which is a beautiful white marble quarried in South America by Granitos Zucchi.

So far, 2020 has been rough, to say the least. It’s the year that never ends. But, the light at the end of the tunnel for us is Tesoro Bianco. It’s not every year that we get a client specifically requesting the stone of the year. This year, however, was our year!

Tesoro Bianco Marble Kitchen Countertops

When our customer called in specifically requesting Tesoro Bianco Marble for her kitchen remodel, we were pumped at the opportunity.

Our customer wanted her island to be the focal point of the kitchen as it is in most kitchens, but she wanted to do something a little different to really make it pop. By request, we laminated the island to make it double in thickness giving it a rich, elegant finish to her gorgeous kitchen.

Lamination is literally gluing two pieces of stone together to achieve the thickness you are looking for. It’s often seen with two different edges with the bottom edge stepping out from the top one giving it a cascading look. In this project, the customer wanted clean, sharp lines so we simply went with an Eased-over-Eased edge. This creates the illusion that the stone is thicker than it actually is.

The project turned out absolutely stunning! The customer was beyond elated at the end product and loves her new kitchen countertops. Marble is always an amazing choice for any home and any kitchen. It provides a timeless look and feel that no manufactured has come close to replicating.

Natural Stone Institute Stone of The Year Tesoro Bianco Marble

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