Quartz Countertop Cost

There is a wide range of quartz manufacturers and brands available in the market today. Some names you might recognize and some you may not. All quartz is manufactured using the same methods therefore, there is not one brand that is better than the other, however, pricing can vary significantly between brands. Titan Granite stocks multiple brands of quartz starting at $55 per square foot. The lower-cost quartz colors are going to be more consistent in pattern and likely more solid in color. The big, dramatic vein patterns are going to be a little more costly. Cost depends on how difficult it is to produce the pattern in manufacturing.

One thing to consider when selecting your quartz countertops is slab size. If your plans include a large island, or you are concerned about seams, you should check what sizes the slabs are before deciding on a color. Some brands have slabs as small as 120″x56.5″ which limits what you can do with that slab. There are more and more manufacturers producing jumbo slabs as large as 135″x74″ but not all colors come in this large format. The most common quartz slab size is approximately 127″x63″.

Included In Your Cost Estimate From Titan Granite:


    Titan Granite uses the latest in technology to template your new countertops. Laser templating provides us with the most accurate measurements and ensures a precise fit for your new countertops.

  • Fabrication

    Titan Granite fabricates (cutting and polishing of your countertops) all projects in our warehouse. We do not outsource any part of the countertop installation process.

  • Installation Of Your New Countertops

    Installation of your new countertops can take anywhere from 1-5 hours, depending on how small or large your project is.

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Quartz countertops start at $55/square foot installed on up depending on the stone you select. A few other items that factor into the cost of your new countertops are:

  • Additional Cutouts

Here are some of our top-selling, most affordable quartz colors:

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