Kitchen Sink Options

Don’t forget the kitchen sink!

Titan Granite stocks stainless steel, under-mount sinks in a variety of configurations as seen below.  We also carry Kohler Carin® composite sinks which come in 6 different color options.

We can also order any Blanco sink, and we have the availability to order many more sink brands. Bundling your sink with your new countertops ensures your sink will be undamaged and received in time to keep your project on schedule. Our suppliers offer quick shipping and a warranty against any damage that may be done during shipping. This is something you might not get from a large online shipper!

We like to call this one the “Toddler Hot Tub.” One large sink area with no division. Dimensions are 31″ x 18″.

The small single sink is just smaller than the large at 23″ x 18″.

This sink is divided 60% on one side and 40% on the other. The 60/40 option has the smaller section (40%) on the right hand side and the 40/60 has the smaller section on the left hand side. The 40% side of the sink is 7.5″ deep while the 60% side is 9″ deep.

Just as it sounds, this sink is divided in half. Both sides of the sink are the same size and depth.

This sink is divided 70% on one side and 30% on the other. The 70/30 option has the smaller section (30%) on the right hand side and the 30/70 has the smaller section on the left hand side. The 30% side of the sink is 7″ deep while the 70% side is 9″ deep.

Bar Sink Options

The following sink options are typically used in Bars, Apartments or anywhere you have a sink base smaller than 27″.

Our Large Bar Sink is 16″ x 16″. It is an under-mount, stainless steel sink.

The Small Bar Sink is 13″ x 11″.

20° Radius Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks

Reduced radius sinks for a more modern, sleek look. These sinks come in a large single, 50/50 and a small single configuration. All are undermounted, 18 gauge sinks.

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