Countertop Options

Along with choosing a stone for your new countertop project, there are a few other decisions to be made. Whether you are updating your kitchen, bathroom or bar countertops, all projects have their own edge profile, backsplash and sink. Don’t stress though, we have you covered, use our guide below to select the perfect options for your new countertops.

Backsplash Options

When you think about backsplash, you probably think of a traditional tile backsplash as seen in many kitchens. Don’t limit yourself though, with your new Granite, Quartz or Marble countertops, you have many options to choose from.

Edge Profile

There are a number of different edge profiles you can choose for your new countertops. Selecting you edge all depends on what you like, there isn’t one edge that’s better than another so go with your gut. All edge options can be done on Granite, Quartz or Marble countertops.

Kitchen Sinks

At Titan Granite we stock a handful of kitchen sink options. All of our kitchen sinks are 16 gauge, stainless steel, under-mount sinks. We have a few other options beyond stainless steel but if you don’t like one of our sinks, you are more than welcome to supply your own.

Bathroom Sinks

We carry two colors of bathroom vanity bowls at Titan Granite, White and Bone. All bathroom sinks are under-mount sinks and they come in either oval or rectangle shapes. Click below to see examples of our Bathroom Vanity Bowls.